DirtJapan.com gear ratio calculator script for car/motorcycle.
- you can examin new sprocket and new tire.

You can check max-speed and relationship between any gears.
This site help you to choise sprocket and gear position in racing course.
for bicycles is here  Japanese version is here.

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This tool has made for calculating the speed(MPH,km/h) for a given transmission gear ratio.
You can select any motorcycles and cars and calculate speed.
And you can change any parameters(sprocket, tire, revlimit, etc..).

Speed calculating formulas are as follows.
speed = (RPM*60) * (tire peripheral length) / (final gear ratio)
tire peripheral length = Diameter * Pi(3.14..)
Diameter(mm) = width * (aspect ratio/100)*2 + size(inch) * 25.4